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Criminal Defense 

I excel in personally guiding you through complex legal processes, explaining each step, using my 30 years of experience in handling cases pertaining to Criminal Law, Whether you need legal advice or action, I am here to represent you and your unique needs. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.


Crime Scene Investigator


In most instances, killings that are presumed to be willful and premeditated carry the toughest punishments. Accordingly, these cases, often referred to as first-degree murder prosecutions, demand a thorough investigation of the alleged crime and the defendant’s purported actions. Whenever possible, an effective attorney will work to reduce the allegation to a second-degree count or another type of charge where the element of premeditation does not exist. A murder that occurs without forethought or a manslaughter charge where the malice necessary to prove murder cannot be demonstrated carries a more lenient sentence.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, I may be able to offer a defense based on these factors:

Mistaken identity
Justified homicide, as in self-defense
Action taken to protect others
Accidental death committed in the course of a lawful activity
It’s important for defendants in any criminal case to understand that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution and that all defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. When I represent you in felony cases such as murder or manslaughter, I ensure your rights are upheld from the moment you retain me.

A homicide investigation can involve the collection and analysis of various types of evidence, including scientific data and witness statements. Because jurors tend to put substantial faith in the reliability and conclusiveness of science, forensic evidence is one of the most powerful tools in a homicide case. When it can bolster my client’s case, I conduct meticulous reviews of evidence such as autopsy records, blood splatter and gunpowder analyses, firearm tests, DNA reports and other hard scientific documents. I can match the state’s experts with highly educated, knowledgeable forensic scientists I call upon. Likewise, I understand how witnesses can engage in deception or commit honest mistakes, especially when they’re feeling the pressure from powerful government authorities. By conducting an exhaustive investigation of the witnesses and relevant facts and using my trial experience, I can skillfully attack false and unsupported statements.

My firm knows that your freedom is at stake when you face a homicide charge. You can rely on my trial-tested advocacy and knowledge of Georgia law to provide a diligent defense that seeks to preserve that freedom.

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